Release 3.0

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What's New?

  1. Code Block: ability to run code from the editor and see live output/errors
  2. User hover profile has been added for user-list fields in dialogs
  3. Workflow approvals via email notifications
  4. Ability to import assets via Google spreadsheet
  5. Initial framework added to support production code blocks

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  1. Location ID is now auto-generated from the Location Name
  2. Workflow-generated emails are now branded as Oomnitza
  3. Support for workflow processing in asset imports
  4. The asset PDF export now displays all fields by default
  5. API v3 optimizations and enhancements
  6. Fixes for displaying all assets (incl. agent-less) tied to a license key
  7. Number of licenses in use, not in use, and total now appear in Software list view
  8. Workflow notification message size limit increased
  9. Misc bug fixes and optimizations