Release 2.3

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Release Date: September 2014

What's New?

  1. Ability to update existing assets via Import Wizard
  2. Ability to import users via spreadsheet (i.e. XLS/XLSX/CSV)
  3. Ability to mark and enforce a custom field as 'Unique'
  4. Ability to enable & configure integrations from within the web portal (i.e. SSO, Zendesk, Casper)
  5. Ability to manually add software (and associate licenses)
  6. Ability to edit an existing workflow
  7. Ability to view associated Zendesk tickets from within asset popup

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  1. Improved server-side caching powered by Redis
  2. Additional media type support for Contracts
  3. Import Wizard performance optimized (now handles 200K+ rows)
  4. Import Wizard mapping is now saved for future uploads
  5. Support for both American and European date formats
  6. Streamlined UI/UX of block view and navigation header
  7. Email notification support for Contract and Software workflows
  8. Fixed issue related to attaching media to software record
  9. Optimized request size of asset upload from mobile device to server